Why Rent From SBG Management?

Are you looking for the ideal home base in West Oak Lane, Mount Airy or Germantown—a place to pursue your studies, raise a family, find a standout job, or just soak up Philadelphia’s inimitable atmosphere?

We here at SBG Management Services, Inc. can help you realize that goal. Our many properties offer all the amenities you could dream of on top of outstanding location. Let us show you around! We pride ourselves on our responsiveness and thoroughness to tenant needs—we value each and every one of our residents as a member of our extended family, and do everything we can to ensure everyone's continued housing experience is as comfortable, enjoyable, and secure as it can possibly be.

Let us show you how efficient and compassionate we can be. Get in touch with us today to schedule a viewing or request another of our services—we’re happy to hear from you!